My pieces for the Barnes Gallery summer show for the Art League of Nassau County

Here are a 17″ X 21″ silk screen print and a 14 1/2 by 19″ oil painting. My favorite subject, birds!

happy bird colorful boy


Artist volunteer The Inkwell Foundation

Inkwell Foundation Mt. Sinai Hospital 5/18/16

We had a stupendous KidZone TV show today, drawing explorers and expeditions! Tim Savage wrote and illustrated a short story about a baby hawk learning to fly, then gave a drawing lesson where kids learned to draw a hawk using a few simple shapes. Pedro Delgado drew Erik the Explorer, who goes on adventures with a suitcase, apple and globe. Erik meets a space man and they go out to dinner.

Inkwell Foundation Mt. Sinai Hospital 4/20/16

Thank you to Peter de Séve, Tim Savage and Ellie Rahim for starring in our Mount Sinai “Earth Day” Drawing Show, hosted by Elana Amity! We were very happy to draw with one child and her father in the studio, as well as with all the kids in the hospital via our live call-in show.

tsavage-sinaiInkwell Sinai 2


IMG_1197 IMG_1188

“Students” at the Starving Artist Cafe had a blast and made some great art

20 budding artists had a blast painting St. Patricks Day hats and sunflowers in a 2 hour “Paint and Sip” Paint Night at the Franklin Square Cafe. The brushes were hot and the colors hotter, as the students created some great art using acrylic paints and their own creativity. Each student used their own sense of design to make their works. None of the cookie cutter identical paintings I’ve seen in samples of other paint nights. These artists made some beautiful work and had a barrel of fun doing it.

Tim Savage teaches at the Cumberland School

The Cumberland Community Education Facility, Great Neck

3/11/16 Completed the Spring Session for Build Your Own Website for Fun and Profit

Great class this time out. We had four students. Tony La Marca from the Suburban Art League started a revise of the League’s website and made great progress. I’m looking forward to taking it live when he completes it. We had a real estate attorney doing her beginning site, a young man looking to do an eBay like site, and a psychotherapist looking to redo her old html site. All learned how to edit their sites and we had lively discussions of marketing communications. Next up is Beyond Building Your Own Website, starting March 24th.


Drawing with the Inkwell Foundation

Inkwell Foundation Artists at Saint Marys Hospital for Children, Bayside

2/27/16 Saint Mary’s Hospital for Children, Bayside

Our Inkwell Foundation group had a fabulous time at Saint Mary’s Hospital for Children today. There were over 40 kids in the basement rec room for the event. We met old friends among the kids, and everybody drew superheroes and whatever cartoon characters they wanted. Some of our fabulous caricature artists drew caricatures of the kids. It was so much fun to draw with these children. Saint Mary’s is a wonderful place, caring deeply for children with extreme needs and their families.

Each kid received their own colored-pencil set and eraser as a parting gift from us and with the help of Dick Blick. These kids are an inspiration. All have severely challenging disabilities, yet are plain old kids that want to have fun when they’re with our group.

I feel blessed to draw with the kids in the company of the other Inkwell Foundation artists, Ray Alma, Todd Broder, Barbara Garrison, Dayna Gonzalez, Marty Macaluso, Joyce Pedretti, Nathan Schreiber, Adrian Sinnott, and Joe Vissichelli.Inkwell Sinai 2